3 Best-Kept Secrets of Selling a Home

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Selling your home can feel like both an art and a science. There are some proven, tried-and-true tips to keep in mind when you’re selling: stage your home so it appeals to everyone, list at the right time of year, make sure you price it right. However, there are some secrets that can help you sell your home, and by taking advantage of these, you may just be able to attract a buyer who is interested in buying — at the price you’re hoping to sell for. Read more about these tips here.

It’s All in the Kitchen

Most real estate agents agree that when it comes to selling a home, the kitchen is the most important component. If you only have a small budget to spend on renovating or updating your home before you sell, use it in the kitchen. Repaint, declutter, and de-personalize to make potential buyers feel like they’re looking at a new, fresh space with potential. Also, don’t replace all your appliances before you try to sell, but consider replacing one with a new, fancy stainless steel piece. That way, viewers will be able to envision a kitchen full of upscale appliances, and it will be appealing to someone looking for an updated kitchen.

Light it Up

Lighting is also key when it comes to making your home look appealing. Before you start to show your home, make it look as light as possible — both with natural lighting and lamps. Buy new lamps that can light corners of rooms when you’re showing the home at night. Take down drapes and blinds, paint walls a lighter color, and make sure all shades are open when potential buyers are brought in. A poorly lit home looks dingy and depressing. One that is as bright as possible reads as having hope and potential.

Try Listing Lower

Consider trying to start a bidding war between potential buyers in order to get the price you want — and to sell your home quickly. Set the price a tiny bit lower than similar properties in your area. Then, when you get multiple offers, choose the highest one, let other offerors know, and see if people come back to you with a higher counteroffer. This is a good way to generate interest in your home but also to end up getting the price that you want.

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