Real Estate Email Marketing Tips: How to Increase Opens and Clicks

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Email still reigns king in real estate. Whether emails are used to nurture a lead with newsletters or send property alerts, emails are an agent’s greatest ally. Unlike text messages, emails are best used to serve rich content. Even though email marketing is one of the greatest sales and marketing tools available to real estate agents, it is an often poorly utilized in most lead conversion strategies. To help you increase opens and clicks, here are four real estate email marketing tips:

Personalize Your Subject Lines

Studies show that three quarters of consumers prefer to receive commercial communication via email. However, are you more likely to open an email from someone you know or from a bot? Your leads feel the same way!

Whether emails are used to nurture a lead through drips or to send simple property alerts, email marketing is most effective when it’s personalized. Email personalization is made easy thanks to a feature called “merge tags” built into your email template builder. You can use merge tags as a placeholder, and went sent via your CRM, the merge tags will be populated with that lead’s identifying information pulled from your database.

“Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%,” Aberdeen Group

Write Compelling Subject Line Copy

You can send your audience the most valuable, relevant emails in the world, but if your subject line doesn’t sell it, no one will read it. Statistics show that shorter subject lines work best (the sweet spot is 9-14 words), but what’s most important is that you show readers how the content inside will be valuable to them.

For example, Zillow often uses the “What Can You Afford?” In this example, the headline tackles a topic almost everyone is familiar with: financial uncertainty. The subject line works because it poses a question without immediately answering it. This likely enticed many readers to click through for the full answer.

“64% of recipients open an email because of the subject line,” MarketingSherpa

Use Content to Drive Clicks

With emails, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and demonstrate your clout as the best person to representative your lead’s needs. But if you want your readers to answer a call to action, such as clicking a link back to your website, to sign up for an event, or even to watch a VR tour of an open home, you’ll need to leverage compelling content within the email body. For example, instead of packing property listings into your newsletters, put it on your website in a blog post and have your recipients click back to your IDX website to learn more.

Incite seller leads by sending market reports which will answer one of the most commonly asked questions – Is now a good time to sell? For buyer leads, include content with personal recommendations for lenders inspection companies who can help them dive into every nook and cranny of their home to find potential deal breakers. Whatever content you include in your email bodies, make sure it provides value to the reader above all. Your emails should distinguish you from other agents by establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Learn When to Schedule Your Emails

From subject lines with emojis to the duration of your email drip campaigns, there are endless variables that can affect the success of your email marketing efforts. One of the biggest impacts on email marketing success are the time of day and the day of the week you send out emails.

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