3 Quick Real Estate Email Marketing Tips

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real estate email marketing tips

Thanks to the powers of email marketing, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and demonstrate your clout as the best person to represent your leads’ needs. Unlike texts, emails are best used to serve rich, engaging content. Whether emails are used to nurture a lead with newsletters or send property alerts, emails are a real estate agent’s greatest marketing and sales tool. Here are three quick real estate email marketing tips to help you maximize your email ROI:

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader with Newsletters

Experienced realtors separate their email newsletters into two primary audiences: Buyers and Sellers. Market reports, holiday greetings, and first-time buyer or seller content are some of the most popular newsletter ideas. Although both lead types require a unique content and email copy for effective lead nurturing, both lead types will always respond best to a touch of personalization.

Whatever content you include in your email bodies, make sure it provides value to the reader above all. Your emails should distinguish you from other agents by establishing yourself as a thought leader, and email newsletters are the greatest way to demonstrate agency in the eyes of your leads.

Organize Emails to Drip Campaigns

Unless a lead is a direct referral or past client, chances are they are unfamiliar with youn your brand, and your services. Use emails in drip sequences to automate your lead nurturing efforts. By the time you pick up the phone to set an appointment, your leads will already be familiar with you.

When used in a drip sequence, emails see 119% higher click rates and 50% higher conversion rates. Email drip campaigns are a series of emails which fire out to a predetermined segment of leads in from your email list. You can customize when the emails fire, what happens next when a lead opens or clicks a link in any particular email, the duration of the email drip campaign, and even the subject lines and bodies of each email.

Automate Your Auto-Welcome Emails

When used to automate your welcome touch, emails are four times as likely to be opened and five times as likely to see engagement. Although it may seem like competing real estate agents have the luxury a dedicated ISA, agents who convert the most online leads use technology to automate the critical engagement window. Without the right technology to automate the frontline work, you’re bleeding potential leads!

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