Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 9: Sindeo

Chime TechnologiesFeb 05, 20184674

Another installment of Chime’s podcast, Ring in the Sales, is ready to roll. We spoke with Mark White and Nova Nicoson from Sindeo, a company dedicated to providing a better mortgage experience, about how Sindeo makes the buying process as painless as possible. Here’s a short peek at the discussion.


How is the Sindeo mortgage marketplace different?


We have relationships with over 45 lenders who offer us about 1,000 different loan options. As compared to a local bank or broker, we’re in a much better position to tailor a loan to each buyer and to be very aggressive on rates.


How do you work with real estate agents?


We can take part of the lead generation burden away from agents and help them build their businesses. We’ll work with an agent to define a strategy, then stay in touch with their prospects to determine how close they are to making a move. We can also discover if there are any credit issues that can be addressed. When the prospect is ready, the agent has a much easier time closing on a deal.

Get all the details about how you can work with a mortgage company that can also help you track leads! Listen to the podcast now.

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