Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 11: Harvey Rosenberg

Chime TechnologiesFeb 07, 20183732

For the next installment of Chime’s podcast, Ring in the Sales, we talked to Harvey Rosenberg, broker/owner of RealtyPros. We discussed his exceptionally successful brokerage model to uncover some of the things that makes it work so well. Here’s some of what we discovered.


What is the value proposition of RealtyPros?


Our value proposition is that we care about our people and do what’s in their best interest. That means providing the teaching, training and tools they need to be successful. Most brokerages put the broker at the top of the pyramid. We turned that around so that the agents are the most important players. By providing the support they need, and treating them as they want to be treated, we get a longevity from our agents that is unlike any other brokerage.


What does that support look like?


I provide agents and brokers with their own website, CRM, signs, lockboxes, digital marketing campaigns, mobile apps, marketing lists and more. In addition, we provide leads without taking a referral fee. All of these things represent an investment that generates a huge return.

If you’re a broker looking to improve your brokerage, listen to the entire podcast for more insight.

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