Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 12: Kenny Truong

Chime TechnologiesFeb 12, 20185584

The latest Chime podcast in the Ring in the Sales series up and running. We talked to Kenny Truong and Ken Er from Climb Real Estate, a market-leading brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area, about their unique approach to bringing top of mind awareness for your brand. Here’s a taste of what we learned.


How does your marketing for listings work?


We do all our print marketing in-house. When a listing is signed, it’s entered into our internal system. We have an agreement with a local printer to accept our orders electronically and turn them around in about 24 hours. Therefore, once the listing is in our system, the agent can use pre-defined templates for brochures, flyers, postcards and more. Once they click on the Publish button, that order is sent to the printer.


What advice would you give to an agent to build up more leads?


Take a holistic approach. We use print, social media, Zillow and retargeting to layer our marketing. To the consumer, it looks like we’re everywhere. But, there’s a misconception about the cost of advertising on places like Instagram, for example. It might cost $1 a day, and that’s not a big expense to stay in front of your prospects.

There’s a lot more advice in the podcast – be sure to listen to the entire thing!

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