Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 13: Leigh Brown

Chime TechnologiesFeb 14, 20184536

Leigh Brown, a RE/MAX broker/owner in North Carolina and an international motivational speaker, shares ideas on Chime’s next Ring in the Sales podcast episode. We talked to Leigh about some of her tips for succeeding in a highly competitive industry. Here are just some of those ideas.


What’s one characteristic that takes an agent from good to great?


The best agents don’t dodge anything, they take tough issues head-on. Less talented agents will avoid any confrontational moment such as telling an uncomfortable truth to a buyer or seller.


What’s the worst situation you’ve seen an agent handle well?


An agent who was holding a house open was in the process of setting up and greeting a few early arrivals when he discovered the seller in one of the bedrooms. Turned out the seller hadn’t overslept, he was dead. Another agent might have just locked up the house and run away. This agent cleared the house, called the police and handled it like a real pro.

You’ll need to listen to the entire podcast to hear more tips and stories about succeeding in real estate.


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