Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 5: Eric Simon

Chime TechnologiesJan 30, 20183250

The latest installment of Chime’s podcast, Ring in the Sales, is available now. In this installment, we talk to Eric Simon, also known as The Broke Agent. Eric talks about how he started The Broke Agent and explores common social media mistakes made by agents.


How did you start The Broke Agent?


I started getting involved in real estate as a part-time receptionist in a real estate office. I came to like what I saw working in the brokerage and realized real estate would be a good career. I became a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Over time, I noticed that there was no comedy in the real estate content online. My goal when I started The Broke Agent was to make real estate agents laugh. I started a blog and started Tweeting and using all the social media channels, and it took off.


What are some of the worst mistakes you see agents making on social media?


I see so many people who aren’t projecting what the real estate industry is all about. Real estate is the only industry I can think of where people think they must brag constantly to show how hard they’re hustling. I think the number one mistake is that agents aren’t being authentic.

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