Ring in the Sales Podcast Episode 7: Brad Warren

Chime TechnologiesFeb 01, 20184992

Brad Warren, real estate business coach and author, joined us for our latest installment of Ring in the Sales, Chime’s podcast. We talked to Brad about managing the activities that drive your business. Here’s a sample of the discussion.


How did you get started in real estate?


My first brush with real estate was when I bought my first house in 1989. Later, I started investing in single-family homes, land and shopping centers. I got more involved as a business coach for Keller Williams from 2003 to 2009. And I finally decided to get a real estate license, although my work focuses on coaching.


In your book, Just Sold!, you talk about activity management rather than time management. Why is that?


Realistically, it’s impossible to manage time. What you can manage is the promises you make to yourself and others to do something within a specific timeframe. If you make a promise to yourself to knock on five doors on Monday, you can manage that by scheduling your time to make that happen. From what I’ve seen, most agents need to get better at managing their activities.

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