Uncovering the Secrets to Higher Conversion – Insights from Leading Agent Mike Urban

Chime Blog TeamJul 08, 20203813

Lead Conversion

Over the last few months, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with our friends at Lab Coat Agents, conducting joint webinars designed to offer insights, best practices and lessons learned from leading agents. To that end, we recently spoke with successful agent Mike Urban to explore the “secrets to conversion”.  Mike serves clients in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and credits Facebook, innovative technology from Chime, and his high value, personalized approach to outreach as lynchpin to conversion success.  Learn more about Mike’s five practical tips in this blog post.

In the post, Mike outlines how targeted, personal outreach has helped him build an immediate connection and trust among leads, ensuring a positive experience and as a result, a recurring business model. This approach coupled with the help of Chime’s innovative IDX and retargeting strategy, has helped Mike effectively grow his business and uncover the secrets to conversion.  To learn more about how he has successfully grown his business, check out our webinar: Secrets To Higher Conversion .

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