CHIME™ Replaces Legacy CRM at Lucido Global for Increased Conversion and Accelerated Business Growth

When real estate tech innovation outpaced Lucido Global’s legacy CRM, Chief Strategy Officer Robert Lucido Jr. knew his team needed a next generation technology stack capable of supporting their aggressive approach to innovation. Powered by AI, Chime uniquely provides the innovative tools Lucido Global needs to effectively identify, nurture and convert leads for increased business. Within just 90 days, Chime produced 187% more agreements with an average price per agreement of $650,000, 34% higher than those on their previous CRM, and saw a 42% increase in business generation.

Relying on Chime’s integrated smart dialers, flexible Smart Plans and intuitive AI Assistant, Lucido Global eliminated more than 40% of labor intensive, manual data entry, recouping valuable time and ensuring agents stay focused on revenue generating activities.

“We provide our team the best CRM on the market at no charge. Agents who have never used a CRM before are adopting the platform and others are shutting down their previous CRM in favor of Chime.”

- Robert Lucido Jr.

As the team continues to expand, Chime is making it possible for Lucido Global to gain greater market share. By relying on Chime to create more business opportunities and support greater efficiencies, Lucido Global effectively maintains its strong foothold as a leader.

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