Scale market scope and connections Closely

Professional report

To Clients and Prospects

Add free

Custom branded

High quality listings search

Instant message your leads

Integrated with your Chime account
Offer leads the features of your Chime website, in a mobile app!
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Portal-grade in app listings search
One-click to receive synchronized updates for all listing data connected to any MLS platforms that CHIME supports.
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Professional Home and Seller report authorized by the exclusive agent
Help homeowners value their largest asset, or assist seller in assessing their transaction to make a name for yourself as the local real estate industry's foremost expert and gain loyal clients and referrals.
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Stay connected with leads and prospects using instant messaging
Utilize instant messaging to maintain contact with leads and prospects,illustrate your expert profile,never miss any opportunities.
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Fully white-labeled, retain all brand benefits
All of stuff is just plug-and-play. The Closely with the White label aims forward to building a tech-savvy ecosystem that can exploit technologies to the efficiency of numerous works.Simply add a logo then all of your leads will have access to a exclusive app belongs to your enterprise for buying or selling home.CHIME can even help brokerages to customize their own applications.
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All of your real estate demands can be satisfied by this mobile app integrated with the CHIME ecosystem.
Can features be added?
Leave a message for your dreaming function if it is currently not supported, and we will update it.
What can be customized?
Be free for connecting with us to find the best solution for your team.
Can I customize my own application just for me?
Yep.We fully support white-labeled and may adapt it to clients' demands in order to help you achieve and surpass your business objectives.

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