Workflow Automation

Work smarter, not harder, with our time-saving, intelligent features.

Auto Assign leads

Finding the right person for the job is difficult, make the process easier with intelligent lead assignment.

Lead Routing

Route leads via custom rules like source or lead type. We support 'round robin' routing for equal distribution, and 'blast alert' rule, which puts a timer on lead assignments before passing them to more active agents.

Lead Pond

Lead Pond stores leads that haven't yet been assigned to an agent for anyone on your team to claim and follow up with at their leisure.

Property Alerts

Stay top of mind with intelligently tailored email notifications designed to help nurture leads.

Buyer Property Alerts

Our IDX sites sync with Chime CRM to analyze browsing behavior and responsively provide information on new properties that match leads' behaviorally defined preferences.

Seller Property Alerts

Seller Property Alerts send info on nearby properties that have been newly listed or sold in order to encourage potential Sellers to take the next step.

Market Reports

Show off your expertise with area information via our custom market reports. Establish yourself as a local expert so leads turn to your expertise.

Smart Plans

Develop and deploy automatic workflows with our automated Smart Plans. Set dynamic workflows that act and adjust based on lead type, source, pipeline, and lead activity.

Auto Import Leads

Manage all your leads from different platforms in one easy-to-use, convenient interface. With a few simple steps, you can migrate or import lead information from third-party providers like Realtor and Zillow into your Chime CRM. With our automatic import you get near real time sync so you can conveniently manage all your leads from Chime CRM regardless of the source.

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