IDX Website

Stay in the loop and know your lead’s wishes – thanks to a CRM that tracks every single step your clients take on your IDX website


Chime will provide you with a customized website with your branding, through Website templates and color combinations. With our content management system you can easily create and edit your Chime website.


Syndicate your MLS listings with neighborhood data and sold homes information. Visitors can search properties, instantly chat with you via Chime's live messenger or comment on your blog – all from one website.


All websites built with Chime are 100% mobile-responsive, allowing you to switch languages and view your website on any computer or mobile device.

Tracking of Activities

Any action a visitor takes on your website will be reported in your CRM. If your visitor browses a property several times, or shares a listing with friends – you’ll know and be better prepared to attend to your leads.