IDX Website

Attract new leads and engage customers with your own custom IDX website.

In-Depth Neighborhood Data

Easily access up to date information on demographics, hot properties, school districts, marketing trends, and more for over 190,000 neighborhoods in 29,000 cities.

Easy to Use CMS

Managing your own custom IDX website has never been easier. User-friendly editing lets you easily set up your content management system. Get your site up and running in just a few fuss-free clicks.

School District Search

A growing family is one of the core motivating factors for home buyers, our IDX sites support school district search so leads can find the best-fit area for their next step.

Lead Insights

Get the information you need to help clients and close deals. Our CRM intelligently tracks lead activity on your site so you can gain valuable insights on lead preferences.

SEO Ready

Stand out in web searches with your SEO-friendly IDX site. With speedy load times and MLS updates every 30 minutes our sites are designed with an SEO focus from the start.

Comparison with Other Websites
Chime Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
Page Speed Grade 90 17 -73 40 -50 49 -41 55 -35
YSlow Grade B(81) C(76) -5 D(69) -12 B(81) 0 C(71) -10
Fully Loaded time 3.281s 49.929s +43.6s 82.422s +79.1s 6.536s +3.2s 5.898s +2.5s
Total page size 267KB 793KB +526KB 1MB +757KB 286KB +19KB 715KB +448KB
Total # of request 46 152 +106 103 +57 46 0 94 +48
Chime Competitor 1
Page Speed Grade 90 17 -73
YSlow Grade B(81) C(76) -5
Fully Loaded time 3.281s 49.929s +43.6s
Total page size 267KB 793KB +526KB
Total # of request 46 152 +106
Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Page Speed Grade 40 -50 49 -41
YSlow Grade D(69) -12 B(81) 0
Fully Loaded time 82.422s +79.1s 6.536s +3.2s
Total page size 1MB +757KB 286KB +19KB
Total # of request 103 +57 46 0
Competitor 4
Page Speed Grade 55 -35
YSlow Grade C(71) -10
Fully Loaded time 5.898s +2.5s
Total page size 715KB +448KB
Total # of request 94 +48
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