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Lead generation doesn’t mean business generation! Unless you have a system to convert those leads into deals. Chime’s award winning technology ensures maximum return on your advertising spend by converting more leads into deals than any other solution on the market.
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How Does It Work?

To create a successful lead funnel it is critical to understand how the components of that funnel are linked, and how a weakness in any one component can impact your ability to convert the leads.

Chime combines both digital marketing expertise and AI-powered technology to create a highly optimized lead funnel where all components are working together for maximum effect.

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The Chime Lead-Gen Advantage
Our digital marketing team employs some unique strategies to ensure we’re providing the highest quality leads at the lowest cost.
Google Optimization
Google Search is among the highest performing leadgen channels for Realtors. We work closely with you to develop customized keywords, sitelinks and extensions that will ensure top placement for your ads.
Dynamic Ads for
Real Estate (DARE)
DARE Ads deliver content sourced directly from your MLS to a highly targeted audience. Our AI technology customizes the ads and actively adjusts the content to lead behavior, maximizing results.
Registration Pop-Up
We recommend registering leads via pop-up windows as soon as prospects click to view a specific listing - as this is the moment their interest is at its strongest.

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