Single or Multiple Offices?
It’s Prime Time for Chime

We built Chime to scale as you succeed. Which means that we can serve single or multi-office operations without a hiccup.

A Partner to Build Your Brand

With years of experience in online promotions, our team can help build your real estate brand through smart online marketing efforts.

  • Chime gives you the ability to simultaneously build your brokerage’s central brand while allowing each individual branch and office to cultivate a local identity, specifically tailored to their market.
  • This enables you to easily focus your campaigns (and spending) on the markets and agents that need it.
  • Each individual agent or office can build their brand, too, with IDX websites that show off their individual skillsets -- and that reinforce their connection to your brokerage, as well.
A Single Brain For All Your Offices

Chime provides both a holistic view of how your brokerage is doing overall, and breakdown that benchmarks the performance of each and every branch.

  • Get a holistic view of your overall brokerage performance or drill down into a specific office, team or agent.
  • Automated data reports break down the most complicated information (GCI, CCC) into detailed, but bite-sized chunks that brokers can actually act on.
  • With the right timely information, you can quickly re-allocate resources to increase revenues.
We're With You Every Step of the Way

We live in a dynamic and crazy world, so its important to have a partner working with you every step of the way, providing your brokerage with cutting edge technology and tools to help you stay ahead of the pack.

  • By offering a top notch CRM and lead generation system, Chime helps you attract, retain and build successful agents.
  • A powerful system that is easy to use and accessible on any device.
  • A customer success team dedicated to helping you seamlessly deploy and train your team.
The one tool that I could never live without is a really good CRM - if you’re generating a lot of leads, you need a place to keep track of them. I’ve spent over 30 hours this week working inside of Chime and love it!


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