Today’s Technology Makes Teams Sail
Yesterday’s Technology Makes Teams Fail

Great teams need a great system built on modern technology so you can stay coordinated, move swiftly, track results and please your customers all from the palm of your hand.

Building Brands One Brick at a Time

Chime’s multi-tiered, infinitely personalizable CRM and socially-intelligent lead gen gives teams the ability to build their collective identity through precisely targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Chime helps you generate high quality leads to feed your team.
  • Automatic lead routing sends a lead to the right member of your team.
  • Then we automate drip emails and text to nurture the lead and build a relationship.
Teamwork Makes Teams Work

Chime gives your team the tools they need to succeed across all their devices, so they can stay in the loop even when they're on the go.

  • Action Plans help remind members of your team when they need to reach out to a lead.
  • Communication tools like group chat help teams stay in the loop and collaborate to better serve your customer.
  • Team reporting provides you with insights into the success of your team and where they could use a little help.
Everything You Need On One Platform

Chime makes it super easy to integrate the most popular tools and services (Gmail, Zapier, MailChimp, etc.) and import the leads you’ve generated in other tools into your Chime CRM.

  • Integration with Gmail, Outlook, Facebook and Zapier help keep you in the loop while you're on the go.
  • Chime also integrates with Top Virtual Number, Video Email and Power Dialers to help streamline your operations.
  • Automated lead capture to lead routing to drip mails, follow-ups and reminders save you time and time is money.
We have found Chime to be instrumental in helping us grow our lead generation and client conversion. Chime not only offers us customized and highly targeted lead generation, but tracks, nurtures, and scores our lead flow - boosting our conversion rates.

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