How can Chime help boost your business?
Lead Capture

Get more leads with our Lead Capture Optimized IDX Sites and targeted marketing & lead generation campaigns.

Automated Nurturing

Our smart plans automate your busy work to save you time. Automatically drip out to leads with our property alerts.

Intelligent Analysis

We study lead behavior to suggest the best way to nurture leads, suggesting listings for buyers automatically based on their preferences.

Process Optimization

Study your business better with up to date analytics on the agent, team, or brokerage level. Set goals and easily track progress in real time.

For Agents - A New Way to Engage Your Leads

With only 24 hours in a day and two hands there's only so much you can do!

We get that so we have made it our mission to make Chime a seamless platform that can help you each step of the way - from building you a gorgeous IDX site, data driven lead generation, and intelligent lead nurturing.

Chime is there to help you respond immediately to new leads, give insights as to what they want, and suggest the best course of action to encourage a close.

For Teams - Teamwork Makes Teams Work

Teamwork makes the dream work, and that's why Chime is focused on helping you get the most out of your team. Chime gives your team the tools they need to succeed no matter where they are or which device they're using.

We offer real time reporting to track and analyze lead engagement and response times on an agent or team basis. Teams need leads! So we made it easy to get leads with our lead generation campaigns and distribute them with Round Robin, Blast Alert, or Lead Pond assignment.

For Brokers - A Single Brain For All Your Offices

The larger the organization the larger the challenge to succeed. Chime helps brokerages face this challenge head on with a strong suite of tools to empower you to respond with data driven decisions. Our analytics break down not only agent, team, and office performance but also compile business performance info (GCI, CCC) in an easy to digest format.

Analytics aren't everything, reduce training time and ensure agents are on task with smart plans and reminders to keep teams focused.

For Lenders - Lead Gen Cooperation

With Chime enjoy frictionless communication between agent and lender as information is synced instantly between lender and agent CRMs. Share notes and insights easily within the same system and even split marketing costs for a win-win when it comes to mutual business building.

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