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The Power of Chime is the Gift of Time

There’s no better job than helping people find their own place in the American dream. That’s your mission. And the more places you find, the more successful you will be.

When you think about it, the secret to helping people find their own place hasn’t really changed. It’s time. You need time to understand the market. Time to understand your clients. Time to build trust and respect.

But in today’s world, with so much pulling at you, the clock is not your friend.

At Chime, our mission is to use technology – smartly, powerfully and creatively – to give you the time you need to grow your business. We think this simple idea will transform the industry.

We are well aware that others have tried to “revolutionize” real estate with tech. We also know that many have been burned by empty promises.

Thousands of real estate professionals have told us that they are now spread over multiple platforms and are spending countless hours trying to make it all work.

But you’re not a contractor. You’re a broker or an agent who wants one perfect solution, not a patchwork of imperfect ones.

We built Chime to be that perfect solution. We’ve analyzed every single pain paint you have, and fixed the hurt. Because finding quality leads steals time, we’ve build a system that uses social intelligence to find them on Facebook and other social media. Then we score them, route them, and let your entire team communicate through Chime – with each other, and their clients.

And that’s just the beginning. The more you discover about Chime, the more you’ll see how it understands you and your world, how truly thoughtful it is.

We love real estate as an investment and a career. And we love what we’re doing at Chime.
It’s all based on this simple principle:

Time. And real estate. That’s two things they’re not making any more of.

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